/ Jun 24, 2015

Revenge and Empire

I was very fortunate to get to orchestrate two television series this last year for composer Fil Eisler: Revenge and Empire.

Back in May, we recorded the final episode of Revenge at Sony with a larger than usual orchestra. I typically split orchestration duties with Tim Davies, but he was unavailable so I was able to orchestrate the entire episode. Needless to say, it was an honor to finish off the series in such a grand manor. If you haven't seen the episode, the music was pretty epic for television!

Myself, Fil Eisler (composer), and Philip Klein (additional music)

Score reading in the booth with Philip Klein, additional music composer. (photo credit: Dan Goldwasser)

A few months earlier, we finished off the 1st year of the smash hit Empire at Fox. Here is the team celebrating with a special cake brought to us by music contractor, Peter Rotter. Also, big thanks to Josef Zimmerman from JoAnn Kane Music Services for all the great work in score prep.