BLOG / Jun 24, 2013

My Little Blue Friends

It's been a little while since I've posted. The past few months have been pretty hectic. Time for a quick update.

After taking an amazing honeymoon trip to Thailand with my wife, I returned to begin orchestration on Smurfs 2 for composer Heitor Pereira. Along with Tim Davies, we got through about 120 individual cues in about a month. Very fun music, played by the always amazing studio musicians of Los Angeles. We were at the old MGM Scoring Stage on the Sony lot to record. Here's a look at one of the cues:

During the Smurfs gig, I also had the opportunity to write a chart for producer Salaam Remi for an upcoming record. I also just finished orchestrating a cool documentary about Superhero comic books for composer, Christopher Rife. We pulled together a 6 piece brass ensemble to record his terrific music. He really nailed it.

I had the great opportunity to play trombone for the CD release of Joachim Horsely's new record called, "Combinations." That ended up being a very fun night at Vitello's.

Coming up, there are some cool projects on the horizon. Stay tuned!